OK, we’re going back a bit

Fly posting our way around England

The last couple of weeks, me and photographer, Marc Ayres, have been shooting lots of varied locations all around the south of England for an upcoming integrated campaign. The revolutionary-themed concept came from an original line by Brian Towell.

Credit where it's due. Stencil and spray art by DS.

  Nice to see a development of one of the ads take Gold at the PMs. See the winners and finalists from the 2015 PMs.

New brand for Novo Nordisk on set

Really pleased to be shooting (if only in a Kingston car park) key visuals for a brand new global brand campaign. Not sure what Kin Ho will do with all the produce at the end of the shoot though.

  All questions answered, it seems.

Love Your Cervix
goes live

The digital aspect of this campaign has been quite interesting, particularly the inspired UCAS fresher email. I think the micro-site is the last of the foreseeable deliverables. www.loveyourcervix.co.uk

Credit where it's due. Photograph by Kin Ho.

 I'm afraid that link's now expired. Sorry.

Winning ways

Not too shabby - seven nominations and four awards, including this win for the 2013 Flu campaign. At the PM Advertising Awards 2013 with Mike and Jo from SPMSD.

Flu exposure

Just had to snap these as I walked past today.

A p-long p-time p-coming

Originally created for last season's campaign, these consumer vaccination awareness posters have been threatening to get finished for some months. Should be making their way in the world by themselves soon.

Let’s Talk Flu

Sanofi Pastuer MSD's Flu campaign gets reimagined for 2013. This is a huge campaign that incorporates consumer and professional advertising. Lee and Spencer have had a mammoth task with these technically complicated and individually bespoke pieces. This should get noticed.

Credit where it's due. Illustrations by Lee Playle.

Two TVC firsts

Finally on set filming Sanofi Pasteur MSD's 1st television spot in the UK. Also a very exciting first for Bedgebury too. Airing date will be in the winter months.
Should make a mention of our fabulous production team, Wilder, and also Paul Glyde who not only helped pen the original script but also makes a cameo appearance.

Attending to the details

A sweet little idea and a lovely little shot with JSR for this professional campaign. The talent was undemanding, if a tad camera shy. Surprising how fast a snail can move when you want to take its picture.

Well done Bedgebury

A Craft Award Win for SPMSD Travel detail aid at Friday's PM Society Advertising Awards. I'm happy to bask in the glory (and drink the champagne), but this one's all the work of Marc, Spencer and Sue. Let's see if we can't up the haul next year!

HPV London campaign

Started this project the day I started Bedgebury. Although the 123 Against HPV initiative has been running long before I started, this particular campaign marks an agency first for consumer outdoor and is scheduled to run as headers, risers, bus backs and even 6-Nations pitch-sides. A nice little start to business!

Credit where it's due. Photography: Roddy Paine.

Colgate trade ads

Been a long time in the concept phase, these. After a fun model build and studio session with photographer, David Gill, here are the shots fresh out of post-production. A great job, I think, in creating our hero and, not to mention, our beaten/ exhausted/ hero-worshiping competition (it seemed all parties saw them differently).

Total Pro-Gum Health

To accompany the new Colgate Total consumer campaign, we (that's Karam Sodhi and me) produced professional materials including ads, print material and this iPad selling aid.