Simple, yes. Recognisable, sure. Bold, without a doubt. But a sense of humour?

Campaign scope

Market leading suppliers to large construction projects, Blue Circle wanted to extend its appeal to small building firms and DIYers. It was clear that the brand would have to have a personality transplant.

The light-hearted take on what would become a charismatic little circle led to a series of projects from packaging to a string of trade and consumer advertising campaigns.

Portraits by Poppy Berry and still life by the late Andy Cameron.

A simple promise


Years of know-how and experience, combined with a wide product range revered throughout the construction industry, add all the magic needed to encourage consumer buy in. All nicely wrapped up in the architectural specification-style lock up that was used in packaging and corporate materials.

Corporate ad - brain
Corporate ad - revolutionary
Corporate ad - refreshinhg

...And equally in subsequent product advertising.

Anti Aging ad - detail
Anti Aging ad - dps
Anti Aging DM
Winter Cement ad - wp
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