A life-affirming campaign that was just busting to get out of its foil.

Rarely an opportunity comes about to create a professional healthcare campaign that doesn’t need decoding. The ski gloves were off.

Campaign scope

This modest European campaign for predominantly traditional channels focused on creating journal ads and campaign guidelines that would allow individual markets to adapt.

Further EU marketing team briefs for individual pieces – conferences, internal comms and the like – allowed for an extension to the fun.

Illustrations by TADO.

Bursting Beach dps
Bursting Ski wp
Caduet hero pack

Fresh out of the pack

An unanticipated study result gave this hypertension (high blood pressure) treatment an interesting claim – it could also reduce the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. This gave rise to the creative thread that these tablets packed something more than expected, being able to have lives and personalities of their very own and all emanating from the popped blister pack of the product shot.

Unusual in professional pharmaceutical advertising, the tablets themselves became the heroes of the campaign, giving rise to the creation of intricate new worlds, new patient interactions and even new bespoke typography.


Bursting detail aid insit - spread 2
Bursting Ski wp insit detail
Bursting Gym wp insit
Bursting Imp Guide insit
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