Big idea. Even bigger shots.

Scale is the key. The idea was to let the epic landscapes dwarf the individual to convey a sense of endurance and resilience.

Campaign scope

Won at pitch for Bristol-Myers Squibb, this European multichannel campaign was to be the last big spend before the brand quietened its marketing activities as it moved towards the end of its licence. The idea encapsulated a celebratory essence, fitting for a product that had achieved so much.

Shot in stills and video, the imposing imagery was put to use in a wide gamut of digital and legacy media.

Stills by Jeremy Matthews.

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It’s about time

When launched this product helped revolutionize HIV therapy and turn what was a life sentence into a manageable disease. Coming now to the end of its patent, and having barely been equaled in those years, this campaign aimed to visualize the time that this product has given back to many.

Helped by panoramic media slots, the expanse of the scenes represent the enormity of such an intimidating disease to individuals and the enduring hope that the product still gives.

Other channels helped reinforce the the same ideas, often in less abstract terms.

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